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Frequently Asked Questions


How big can my pallet be?
Rates are based on standard sized pallets (48″ x 48″) and must weigh less than 2,000 lbs. Any shipment with an average weight of over 2,000 lbs. per pallet may be subject to an additional charge. If your freight is consistently more than 2,000 lbs., talk to your sales rep.

What if my pallets are stackable, can I get pallet spot rates?
Yes, but you must be pre-approved.  Talk to your sales or customer service rep.

What if my pallets are bigger?
You will need to talk to a sales or customer service rep to arrange a different program.

How do I trace?
Email or Live Chat a Palletrater agent for updated trace information.

How long is my quote good for?
Your quote is good for 7 days from the date published.

Can I get my paperwork online?
Yes, simply log in and go to the “B/L POD” function. All paperwork is scanned in a timely fashion.

What about FSC?
We have tried to make this pricing as simple as possible, so we have rolled the current FSC into the rates to avoid confusion and line items on our bill. The rate that you get is the rate that you will be charged, no deviation.

What do I need to put on my B/L?
The B/L is a legal document so all relevant information must be on it.  We would prefer that the B/L read third-party billing to Mode, however, if the shipper does not or can not put the instructions on the B/L, we will still take care of the invoice and the carrier will not bill you or your customer.

What should I do with my old NMFC book?
With the help of Palletrater, the NMFC book is a thing of the past.

How do I get started?
You must be a valid customer with Mode Transportation.  If you are already a Mode customer, simply send an email to If you are not yet a customer, fill out our credit application, (click here to download) and either email, fax or mail it to us.  Click here for all contact info. Once it has been received, you will get a customer number and login information. The process takes hours, not days, so chances are you can get started right away.  Live Chat a Palletrater agent for any immediate questions you may have.

What about time-definite or guaranteed shipments?
For special requests you must Live Chat, call or email us.

What about residential or lift gate services?
For special requests you must Live Chat, call or email us.

What about hazmat or household goods?
For special requests you must Live Chat, call or email us.

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