How It Works

PR Step 1

Simply fill in your information. All we need is your name, company and e-Mail address. You will decide on your username and password.
Once it is sent to us, we will immediately send you an e-Mail notifying you that your initial account set up is complete and you are free to gain access to the best partial rates in the industry.

PR Step 2

All you need are two zip codes and a pallet count. The system will immediately kick you back a quote that includes FSC and is valid for at least 7 days.
A quote number is assigned to every quote and you can print it out or e-mail it to anyone you want.

PR Step 3

You can enter it into our TMS, e-mail it, fax it, or call it in - whatever your preference. On your initial shipment, we will need to contact you to get you set up with credit and get some particulars
so that we can better accommodate your needs in our TMS for tracking, tracing, billing and paperwork retrieval. However, none of this will delay your shipments. You will immediately receive
the best service in the industry at our palletrater price.